Friday, July 22, 2016

A Jazzy Night at Cafe Stritch

Great jazz, nice ambience and good food - a relaxing night with awesome jazz music from Ken Moran (my boys' jazz instructor) and his Ken Moran Quartet! It's their CD release show.

Ken_Moran_Jazz_Quartet_CD_Release_Party_Cafe_Stritch_San_Jose_02 Ken_Moran_Jazz_Quartet_CD_Release_Party_Cafe_Stritch_San_Jose_03 Ken_Moran_Jazz_Quartet_CD_Release_Party_Cafe_Stritch_San_Jose_04 Ken_Moran_Jazz_Quartet_CD_Release_Party_Cafe_Stritch_San_Jose_05 Ken_Moran_Jazz_Quartet_CD_Release_Party_Cafe_Stritch_San_Jose_06 Ken_Moran_Jazz_Quartet_CD_Release_Party_Cafe_Stritch_San_Jose_07 Ken_Moran_Jazz_Quartet_CD_Release_Party_Cafe_Stritch_San_Jose_08 Ken_Moran_Jazz_Quartet_CD_Release_Party_Cafe_Stritch_San_Jose_09 Ken_Moran_Jazz_Quartet_CD_Release_Party_Cafe_Stritch_San_Jose_10 Ken_Moran_Jazz_Quartet_CD_Release_Party_Cafe_Stritch_San_Jose_11 Ken_Moran_Jazz_Quartet_CD_Release_Party_Cafe_Stritch_San_Jose_12 Ken_Moran_Jazz_Quartet_CD_Release_Party_Cafe_Stritch_San_Jose_13 Ken_Moran_Jazz_Quartet_CD_Release_Party_Cafe_Stritch_San_Jose_14 Ken_Moran_Jazz_Quartet_CD_Release_Party_Cafe_Stritch_San_Jose_15 Ken_Moran_Jazz_Quartet_CD_Release_Party_Cafe_Stritch_San_Jose_16

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Touring around downtown Phoenix (Phoenix, AZ)

Took a little time wandering around Phoenix downtown on a November day before my flight back home. Hopped on the Sky Train to get from the airport to downtown. It was quieter than I thought. Had a satisfying bowl of thai noodle before I left.

Day_tour_in_Phoenix02 Day_tour_in_Phoenix03 Day_tour_in_Phoenix04 Day_tour_in_Phoenix05 Day_tour_in_Phoenix06 Day_tour_in_Phoenix07 Day_tour_in_Phoenix08 Day_tour_in_Phoenix09 Day_tour_in_Phoenix10 Day_tour_in_Phoenix11 Day_tour_in_Phoenix12 Day_tour_in_Phoenix13 Day_tour_in_Phoenix14 Day_tour_in_Phoenix15 Day_tour_in_Phoenix16

Friday, March 25, 2016

The Music Story of Adoption, Acceptance and Love

The music slideshow of the story of adoption, acceptance and love, with many more pictures. The original blog post can be found here.


Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Story of Adoption, Acceptance and Love


A Day in the Life of the Cheng Family 2015, Hong Kong

I came to know Connie and Philip many years ago when Connie came to Berkeley to visit my sister-in-law, who were best friends since elementary school. Thereafter, I’d hear about Connie and Philip occasionally - from wanting a kid really badly, to the adoption of Abby, their first kid, to having their bio kid, Ellie. And when I learned they were going to adopt Caleb, the blood-related brother to Abby, the couple’s courage truly fascinated me. It happened I was about to start another personal project, and I contacted Connie and Philip to see if I could tell their daily story through my camera. Without any hesitation, Connie and Philip agreed. 

I have to admit that before I started the photo shoot that day, I was expecting to have some chaotic, stressful and dramatic scenes throughout the day: just the sheer work to take care of 3 kids, in addition to the enormous pressure on parents and kids under the Hong Kong education system, and on top of all that, a recently adopted boy who’s not even 2 years old! But to my surprise, the entire day went by a lot smoother than I thought. Of course it had its little hiccups, but they just came and went! 

On the day of the photo shoot, I arrived at their apartment flat at daybreak. Philip was already on his way out to work. Connie was the one holding the fort, with the help of her parents. It was quite impressive to see how Connie got through the day so calmly and made it feel like managing the whole day's activities was so easy! There was even one-on-one time with each kid, plus fun and quality family time together. 

That day also happened to be Abby's homecoming anniversary. As their family tradition, Connie would make cakes to celebrate. So during the afternoon when Caleb was having his afternoon nap, and Abby was not home yet, Connie and Ellie made a couple homemade cakes for Abby. With a wonderful meal cooked by Philip, the family celebrated this important day when Abby joined the family. It was heartwarming to see how the family discussed Abby's adoption freely, and how Abby embraced it in such a positive way. 

Throughout the day, I felt the strong bond and love within the family. It's amazing how quickly they, especially the girls, have accepted Caleb as part of the family, giving him the warmth, love and attention he needed. Anyone who didn’t know would have thought they were just a regular family of loving parents and three adorable kids who have been there for each other ever since they were born. And most of all, Connie and Philip has given a blood-related sister to Caleb, even though they were well aware of the challenges ahead of them.

I adore Connie and Philip's big hearts. If only there were more people like them.

Here’s the highlight of their story. Click this link for the music slideshow, with more details to their story.